January 24, 2014

MLB places 3 #Cardinals in top 100 prospects

MLB.com has just released its Top 100 prospects list. On it, Oscar Taveras comes in at No. 3, Kolten Wong at 58, and Stephen Piscotty at No. 98.

Fair enough? I'd be OK with Taveras at that rank.

Wong? Yes, his cup of coffee with the Cardinals wasn't that good last year, but he did have that cup of coffee, which could and should help him this year. Besides, his speed alone, and theoretically, his general baserunning (ignoring that World Series boo-boo) mean that he's going to help change team dynamics right there. I could have moved him a dozen spots higher.

Piscotty sounds about right. A lot of hype about him so far, but that was down at Springfield and AA. Let's see what he does in Memphis before saying that's too low. Let's also remember, he's a corner OF, not a center fielder.

And, is anybody missing? I might have put Greg Garcia somewhere in the 90-100 range myself. No higher, but, yes, there.

Your thoughts?

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