January 20, 2014

Bill Belichick, sore loser — the truth grows larger

Hey, most pro football fans who live outside Bill Simmons' former ZIP code and stomping grounds already know this.

But, one comment of his after the New England Patriots lost to the Denver Broncos on Sunday only shows just how bad this is.

Belichick claims that Broncos wideout Wes Welker, a Patriot for the previous six years before leaving for Denver after a bitter free-agent contract dispute, deliberately took out Aqib Talib with his first-half block, and that it was dirty.

First, pick play blocks in general aren't illegal; it's a judgment call.

Second, it's close, yes, but Demaryius Thomas had touched the ball before Welker hit Talib, from the way I see it. And, even if Welker got there early, a penalty for a personal foul due to bad timing still isn't the same as dirty play.

As ESPN notes, Pats players were warning each other about the pick block before Welker threw it.

Third, the idea that a guy who had two concussions this year, and is wearing a special helmet to prevent another, is not just going to throw a block, but one that risks a third concussion to take out Talib is ridiculous.

And, maybe Welker's leaving the Pats was about more than Bob Kraft lowballing him on a contract:
In 2012, Welker took a sarcastic jab at Belichick when his production skyrocketed following a slow start to the season, saying, "It's kind of nice to stick it in Bill's face once in a while."
After choosing to sign with the Broncos, Welker said in a Sports Illustrated report that he had to "endure" Belichick during his time in New England.
Bill, it was a hard, legal block. And, Welker just stuck it in your face.

Plus, if that's a designed block for after the ball is caught, technically, it's not a pick play at all.

Don't get me wrong about Belichick the coach. He knows his X's and O's, and per the likes of Talib, knows personnel evaluation, and how to pick other people off the scrap heap.

Besides, he's lost some degree of moral credibility ever since Spygate. And, I didn't even mention Aaron Hernandez, did I?

Doorknob, Belichick will be insufferable if  or when the Pats win another Super Bowl on his watch.

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