SocraticGadfly: Is it OK to call Greg Abbott #WheelchairKen?

January 22, 2014

Is it OK to call Greg Abbott #WheelchairKen?

Well, just maybe it is. Not only has he not asked surrogates of his to stop calling Wendy Davis "Abortion Barbie," he's now personally gone sneering about Houston Mayor Annise Parker, as Burnt Orange Report notes.

Yes, you upped the nastiness ante here, Mr. AG.

And, if you're going to rely on a ratfink like James O'Keefe to craft a counternarrative, you've hit another new low:

As for the merits of Abbott's attempt to block Parker, I believe the SCOTUS ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act case puts Parker in good standing. And, given that this was a federal ruling, the request by her to move the case to federal court, where it was going to end up anyway, is only sensical.

Actually, knowing where he came from, and the thinness of his legal reasoning on case after case, issue after issue, #DuncanvilleDingbat is fine, too. Or #DuncanvilleDisgrace.

Why don't you, instead, start filing cases against filling stations for malfunctioning gas tanks? Oh, I forgot, the man who wants to be your wingman, current Ag Secretary Todd Staples, doesn't inspect those any more.

As for challenging narratives, getting a big negligent damages lawsuit settlement, then being OK with your GOP establishment pulling up the "tort reform" ladder after you, while still claiming others could win a similar lawsuit today? Puhleeze.

And, we sure as hell don't need anybody from the Sarah Palin family talking to Davis about family values.

UPDATE: It looks like O'Keefe did his usual selective editing and mixing on this video. Per the Trib's linking to the Statesman's piece) for some reason, its video is now down):
(T)he raw video indicates that the laughter was selectively edited into the clip. The Austin American-Statesman compared the raw and edited videos and found there were distortions.
"Rick, I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, that there's selective editing going on here!"

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