December 10, 2013

Texas Greens file for statewide races

The biggie was last week, when food product safety whistle-blower Kenneth Kendrick announced he was running for state agriculture commissioner.

He has since been joined by Emily Marie Sanchez, running for John Cornyn's U.S. Senate seat, Martina Salinas, running for the Railroad Commission, Brandon Parmer for governor;  Chandrakantha Courtney for lieut. governor; Jamar Osborne for attorney general;  Deb Shafto for c omptroller; and Ulises Cabrera for general land commissioner.

The state party will have more details later today.

Per P. Diddie, let's hope there's a couple of judicial candidates amongst them.

That said, in the third-party world in Texas, Greens still have room to catch up to Libertarians. That party reports it his filed a candidate for every U.S. House, statewide state office and Texas Senate race in the state. Greens also have some PR learning to do from Libertarians, who have already email mass-blasted that news to media outlets around the state.

Hey, Greens? You only get publicity in today's world by creating it.

Oh, in my day job, I do list third-party candidates for top races. I don't just do Democrats and Republicans.

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