December 14, 2013

Obama's ATF - far more rogue than just Fast and Furious

It looks like the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has far more blood on its hands, at least metaphorically and probably literally, than just the Fast and Furious gun-buying fiasco. And, it looks like it's zoomed past the FBI in its zeal to set up false, entrapment-like sting operations.

Using mentally handicapped people as gun-buyers.

Renting private property for its fake pawnshops and other front operations, damaging the property, then skipping out and stiffing landlords with repair bills.

Using felons to run some of these fake front operations.

Allowing some of these felons to walk off with guns.

And, much more.

It's all here in this long investigative piece by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

And, this is Obama's ATF, folks. To address the immediate Obamiac objection of, "But it didn't have a permanent head for years," wrong.

The top employee during that time serves as acting head. Period. If not civil service, they can still be fired politically. If civil service, they can still be fired for cause. And, the first two years of his administration, Democrats controlled the Senate.

And, it also means that even though the likes of Darrell Issa played politics over Fast and Furious issues, there was plenty of smoke there, too.

The ARC, a top advocacy group for people with mental handicaps, has already blasted ATF. Obamiacs may have heard of ARC. Obama gave his overhyped income inequality speech at D.C.-area ARC.

I already have George W. Bush penciled in as one of the worst five presidents in US history. Obama will likely wind up somewhere in the top half of the bottom third. Deal with it, Obamiacs.

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