December 11, 2013

Lehmberg beats the rap

Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg is safe from a GOP partisan-driven attempt to remove her from office, which would have led to her replacement by some GOP hack nominated by Rick Perry.

Given the recent (first of several?) indictment in the widening CPRIT scandal, having a Travis County DA who is not the toady of Perry or Greg Abbott is important.

That said, none of this is an endorsement of anyone at Lehmberg's age, in a position of law enforcement or related, having a drinking problem develop to apparently alcoholic drinking level. Let's hope that, per the testimony in her removal suit, if she needs to stay abstinent in the future she does so.

And, politically, let's hope she steps aside for another Democrat in the 2016 election cycle or, if she won't, that she gets primaried.

No matter which party has the governor's mansion, and the Lege, in hand, we need a Travis DA who is above reproach to pursue government integrity issues. That includes again raising that as a budgetary issue.

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