December 18, 2013

Saban still in race to replace Mack Brown? If not shooting himself in foot?

More on that second rhetorical question in a minute, as you read this delicious piece, with the final section as a block quote to whet your appetite:
Late December 15th, 2013 

One of Saban’s close associates reaches back out to Longhorns boosters:

“Had to sign the extension, too much heat. If you guys can wait, lets talk after January 2nd.”

Hope is alive. 

Confidence (of landing Saban):6
Tres interessant.

Problem is, this "close associate" is apparently NOT Saban's agent, Jimmy Sexton, who is always identified by name in the piece when he's known to be the person talking to Longhorns folks. Hence my second rhetorical question. Folks in Tuscaloosa, should Texas want Saban, even at the ridiculously overpaid amount of $10 million a year, might insist on the Horns paying every penny of whatever buyout Saban has. Somebody might even file a breach-of-contract suit against him.

We already know how Brown's rabid opponents in Austin shot themselves in the foot; it's quite possible they're not alone.

If I'm a rabid UT booster, I'd move that confidence needle back to about, say, 3. Steve Patterson still needs to start looking at all Plan B coaching replacements.

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