SocraticGadfly: Does the NBA need a 4-pointer?

December 17, 2013

Does the NBA need a 4-pointer?

Over at ESPN's Grantland site, Zach Lowe has a good, in-depth piece about how NBA teams (for the most part) are moving ever more toward 3-ball offense.

He also notes some folks, like Stan Van Gundy and Billy King, are worried about this trend (as if Billy King actually has much idea of success in the NBA or how to get there), and how they and others are suggesting possible remedies.

One of them is to make the current field goal worth 3 and the current 3-ball worth 4, but Lowe notes that would diminish free throws and lead to Hack-a-Shaq late in games, at least if non-shooting fouls under such scenarios only got two free throws. (Or slow the game dreadfully if they drew three free throws.)

My alternative?

Add a 4-pointer on top of the 3, and make Antoine Walker's dreams come true.

I'd consider moving the 3-line in from its current 23-9 if we did this. Probably not all the way to the 22-0, matching the corners, as the David Stern League did briefly in the mid-’90s, but maybe 22-6, or if not, 23-0.

Then set the 4-pointer at, say, 26-0. Maybe 27-0. But no further out.

Mr. Logo, Jerry West, is probably wishing he was balling in this league.

I mean, the league could at least try this in preseason for the next year or two and see how it flies, so to speak.

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