December 16, 2013

Is Rudolph coming to the baseball majors in 2014?

Rudolph, per Baseball-Reference, just completed his seventh year in organized baseball.

I think he needs to get out of the Holiday League and come to MLB.

His team? Well, the Cardinals should go after him, no matter if his posting fee is above the $20 million for Japanese pitching stud Mashahiro Tanaka.

First, he fits in well with the color scheme.

Second, he's a switch hitter. John Mozeliak's already said he wants right-handed utility bats; a switch-hitter is even better. Sorry, Mark Ellis, you might be yesterday's Cardinals news.

Third, Matt Holliday is one of his top 10 similarity scores, so he's got company.

Fourth, if any of you doubt he's real, he has been part of an official "nine" since Santa added him to the team. 

And, speaking of that, he is a team player.

That said, he is a shortstop; why didn't Mo sign him instead of Jhonny Peralta? Did he want too much cold cash? Are those rumors about him and that young lady elf true? Was his sleigh on an innings limit, thereby lowering evaluation power? 

And, of course, there's those speculations about deer antler spray.

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