December 18, 2013

Rating, and overrating, the 2013 St. Louis Cardinals

Jeff Gordon has passed out grades for this year's St. Louis Cardinals, and he gets a fair amount right, but several wrong.

The ones that he misses?

Allen Craig did not get an A. Injury alone, even if not his fault, knocks him down to an A-minus. Actually, he was more like a B-plus.

Ditto, Matt Holliday should be an A-minus, not a straight A.

And, likewise, Carlos Beltran. Looks like Gordon's doing a bit of grade inflating.

And, you simply cannot give Michael Wacha a full A based on just 65 innings as a starter. I would do a multiple grade, like A-minus/Incomplete. And, Trevor Rosenthal also should be an A-minus based on limited sampling size.

Shane Robinson? Oh my doorknob, he's a flat C, not a flat B.

Kevin Siegrist? I'd actually bump him up to B-plus from Gordon's B.

Sam Freeman? A month's worth of end-of-season set-up work doesn't even deserve a grade.

Daniel Descalso? D-plus instead of C-minus.

Kolten Wong? "Incomplete" as a grade is understandable, but then why not do the same for some other younger players?

Oh, and Mozeliak deserves better than a B-minus as general manager.

And, Mike Matheny deserves less than a straight A as field boss. Shelby Miller post-season issues aside, he's not higher than an A-minus.

See, it's crap like this that leads fans like us to come to the conclusion that plenty of modern sports writers are hacks.

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