April 08, 2013

#Stlcards: Why is Descalso still starting at second?

I thought Matt Carpenter was supposed to be the second baseman of the future, or at least experimentally so.

That said, today against the Reds, David Freese back from injury so Carpenter's not playing third, and Daniel Descalso is lodged at second?

It can't be a lefty-righty thing against Mat Latos, as both Carpenter and Descalso are lefty bats.

Does Carpenter really need a day off this early in the year?

Rather, isn't the home opener the perfect time to display your most likely regular lineup, now that Freese is back, and also, to immediately immerse Carpenter in regular season experience-learning as a second sacker?

It's not a huge deal, but it is a puzzler.

Well, we'll see tomorrow, I guess.

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