April 12, 2013

Harry Reid is still no Harry Balls

Don't believe Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's latest huffing and puffing about "nuclear option" if the Senate GOP keeps "filibustering" judicial nominations of President Obama.

He, at the start of setting chamber rules at the start of this year's Senate, just like Dear Leader with the sequester (Bush Obama tax cuts, "fill in the blank"), had the exact measure of his opposition in front of him. Both he and Dear Leader caved.

It's all kabuki. Throw in a use or two of "respecting the traditions of the Senate," an incantation or two of "world's greatest deliberative body," and nothing's happening.

Well, not quite true.

If you've donated/contributed before, you'll be getting a mailing, or an emailing, soon from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, asking for your support in fighting the filibusterers.

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