April 12, 2013

I actually agree with something the Texas Lege did on schools

Changing core educational requirements is generally a good thing, from where I stand.

We don't need to have all students on a college-prep track.

That said, this change is only really good if the Lege restores more money to the state's schools so that we can again offer more vo-tech programs at the high school level. And how about more career counseling assistance is part of that.

Bushie compassionate conservatives and Obama-type neoliberals are both wrong on testing, testing, testing, too.

The recent massive cheating scandal in Atlanta, and new revelations about Obama education reform darling Michelle Rhee and her possible knowledge of cheating in D.C., plus a biggie not too long ago here in Texas, in Houston, point out the other problem of teaching to the test.

When test scores are made part of performance bonuses for teachers and administrators, there's incentive to cheat.

Back to the primary point. Putting all kids on a college track causes college attendance deflation. More and more employers are now demanding college degrees for jobs that don't require it. That, in turn, lets colleges and universities up their tuition rates well above the inflation rate. That's doubly true with the growth of the "university as business" idea.

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