April 27, 2013

Obama surrenders on sequester and GOP knows it

Hey, Obamiacs, want to try defending his actions on the sequester, especially after the "cave" on smaller city air traffic controllers?

With the GOP crowing, you know you can't. Once again, Dear Leader and his self-believed mellifluous Kumbaya voice gets his 11-dimensional chess playing skills handed to him on a 12-dimensional board.

Add this to two years of 11-dimensional failure of playing with himself on the Bush Obama tax cuts, the Catfood Commission he appointed, and the admission by even some Democrats that Obamacare's headed for being a train wreck unless Dear Leader intervenes and fast.

Once again, "Soft bigotry of low expectations" when compared with Shrub. Nothing else.

Right now, if we double kindly give W. a double-gentleman's D, in wake of the Bush Library opening, Dear Leader gets at best a gentleman's C.

And, well in advance of 2016, you know the answer: Vote Green.

Especially because Dear Leader is about to get punked again by the GOP.

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