April 26, 2013

And the #Biogenesis beat goes on - #ARod in more hot water

Turns out Anthony Bosch was allegedly getting all that medical-chemical help for Biogenesis, his south Florida apparent doping lab ... wait for it ... via forged scrips.

Gee, shock me.

ESPN says that's part of what new docs in this case have uncovered.

Other revelations? Alex Rodriguez specifically linked by name to human growth hormone. No wonder, according to former employees from Biogenesis who have told Major League Baseball that A-Fraud tried to buy documents from the lab that would implicate him.

First, does this surprise you? In any of several ways?

A-Rod thinks that he can throw enough money at the situation to take care of it. Also, unlike Barry Bonds, apparently, either there or elsewhere, he doesn't have anybody who will go to the mat for him.

That said, it's not just about A-Rod this time:
The two people said that the investigators were told by the ex-employees and others that documents said to be from the clinic had been put up for sale by various people and that Rodriguez had arranged for an intermediary to purchase at least some of them. 

That, in turn, led Major League Baseball to conclude that other players linked to the clinic would also attempt to buy documents to conceal incriminating evidence and accelerated baseball’s efforts to purchase as many documents as it could.
That said, why talk to MLB? Because it has no legal powers, unlike the feds, MLB can't get one lab employee to "roll" to save his or her hide, either.

Right now, it appears A-Fraud is the only "name" player ... named! Others listed by name are all small fry.

Surely disappointing to former Milwaukee Brewers owner, now commissioner, Bud "Bud" Selig,
there's nothing new on Lyin Braun, also known as Ryan Braun, also called the Hebrew Hammer, aka Juices Maccabee. Earlier, the trail on him was getting thicker but there's been no recent "movement."

The Hebrew Hammer will get hammered. Juices Maccabeus will strike out. Lyin Braun will be tripped up.

But, Bud's going to have to get stronger evidence; Lyin Braun's attorneys will surely rip into paid testimony.

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