April 26, 2013

#GohmertPyle forgot to mention "205 members" of Muslim Brotherhood

Other than that mild slip, Texas' top wingnut (sorry, Ted Cruz, you're still No. 2), Rep. Louie Gohmert, aka Gohmert Pyle, has officially entered Tailgunner Joe McCarthy territory.

Out of his mouth, the Mooslim Brotherhood is the new communism. I'm just "disappointed" he didn't say something like "205 members," unlike his  mentor's Wheeling, W.Va., speech, in saying the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the Obama Administration.

Courtesy of World Nut Daily:
“It’s very clear to everyone but this administration that radical Islam is at war against us. I’m hoping either this administration will wake up, or a new one will come in at the next election before irreparable damage is done,” Gohmert said. “This administration has so many Muslim Brotherhood members that have influence that they just are making wrong decisions for America.”
A thought or two, not wanting to go too far down the Gohmert Pyle rabbit hole.

An Eric Cantor doesn't fully believe all of his economic rhetoric, I don't think. Even somebody a bit more nutbar, like either Steve or Peter King, doesn't fully believe all of their rhetoric. Hell, even Cruz might not believe 10 percent of what he says.

But, does Gohmert Pyle possibly believe everything he says?

Pretty soon, I do expect him to start waving a blank sheet or two of paper that's an alleged "list of Mooslim subversives." Then, to demand the executive branch start administering loyalty oaths to all Mooslims.

And, no, sadly, I'm not joking. I expect him to propose something like that, soon enough. And, to reignite the birther issue, by asking if Obama was "palling around" with the Mooslim Brotherhood via his real father, in his real birthplace of Kenya, bordering Mooslim radical-land Somalia.

And now, Larry Klayman has joined Gohmert Pyle in nutbar-land by speculating about Mooslim terrarism in West, as a possible cause of the explosion there, while hinting that, yes, Obama might be covering this all up. Makes one wonder if, in the House, Gohmert Pyle and others won't try to add loyalty oaths to any immigration reform, or "reform," legislation.

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