March 20, 2013

The latest #Google excuse for snooping

Like I'm going to use a cloud-based "notes" app from teh Google, an online, cloud-based version of Mac's Stickies program. Good excuse for a mix of Google the snoop, Google the nanny and Google the hypercapitalist. Sorry, Wired, but Google Keep AIN'T "overdue."

Of course, Wired has a "greeaaat" history with privacy issues. Just ask Bradley Manning.

And, it also has a "greeaaat" history with being honest about privacy issues coverage. Just ask Glenn Greenwald.

Even worse is the obtrusiveness. Imagine if this gets put on Google Glass as well as smartphones.

You're staring at me, but I can tell you're actually looking at your Google Glass. You suddenly say, in a monotone, "Oh, I have an errand to run."

Even worse, can you imagine politicians using this as a fricking mini TelePrompTer? (And yes, it spells that was a trademarked name.)

Pretty soon, most people's lives, who have the money and geekitude for it, will be nothing but a canned sales script. Speaking of, even worse than politicians using this as a mini TelePrompTer, imagine horndog types combining Google Keep on Google Glass with the infamous NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

And, on the privacy side, beyond Wired, don't forget Google was the Do Some Evil if You Can Get Away With It folks who ran Google Street View then lied about it.

Finally, get a laugh out of Sergey Brin doing a TED talk on Google Glass.

First of all, if he thinks his geeky device will be any less distracting, not just to one's self but people around oneself, as a smartphone, he's full of bullshit.

Second, per commenters — hey, Sergey? If you can't present any better at a TED talk, get somebody else!

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