SocraticGadfly: #Hillary2016 — terrrifies GOP insiders — and liberal outsiders

March 23, 2013

#Hillary2016 — terrrifies GOP insiders — and liberal outsiders

Texas blogger Jobsanger is just the latest of many a liberal blogging pundit to tout the wonders of Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016.

Yes, she would probably beat any likely GOP competitor.

But, a retread of her husband mixed with some of the worst of Obama on civil liberties issues?

Democrats, if you really want that, you can have it. I'll vote Green again in a heartbeat.

And, would her nomination be a cakewalk, anyway? I'm not so sure.

It's arguable some of the same sexism she face in 2008 will be around again, combined with an ageism that hits women harder.

On the other hand, the Democratic "bench" is pretty thin. Andrew Cuomo? Bleah. And probably a more neoliberal version of his Hamlet-like Dad. Jerry Brown? Bleah, blah and too old. A phony's phony even within today's Democratic Party, too. Wait until he actually tries to ram through the Jerry Brown Peripheral Canal. Even Gang Green enviro groups will have to run away from him.

Now? Name me another Democratic gov.

I had to Google to find John Hickenlooper of Colorado. The background metrics are good, theoretically. He's overseen a reddish state go blue, right? Of course, under Dick Lamm, Colorado was blueish a few decades back, so let's not oversell that. Medical marijuana, and Denver's halfway liberal in terms of modern America, right? Hickenlooper opposed both Denver and statewide medical marijuana initiatives. And Hickenlooper himself? Charisma or other things to be president? I think not.

He's also, as true liberals know regarding his protest crackdown during teh 2008 Democratic National Convention, no more liberal on civil liberties of some sorts than Dear Leader or Hillary. So, even if he has a chance of beating Hillary, he's no better than her.

Deval Patrick? A snowball's melting in hell before America has a second black president, sorry. Especially since Patrick was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. Wayyyy too much baggage coming after Dear Leader, there. And, his 2010 re-election, even with midterm Obama baggage nationally, wasn't that impressive.

Martin O'Malley? Possible dark-horse governor, who's known to have ambitions.

Senators? Obama was kind of a fluke. Another Democratic senator-cum-president is highly unlikely. I would personally consider voting for Barbara Boxer, who might actually have a shot, or Al Franken, who almost certainly wouldn't, not in today's Democratic Party. I'd consider Tammy Baldwin, too, but she has less of a shot than Al Franken, probably.

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