SocraticGadfly: Harry Reid, Nary Balls

March 20, 2013

Harry Reid, Nary Balls

Why do people now say that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is going to further change Senate filibuster rules?

The Senate GOP hasn't changed its stripes since the start of the term, when Harry the Ballless passed on making substantive changes when it would have been relatively easy to do so.

But, neolib-type Obamiac/Democratiac folks like Talking Points Memo bring up this tired old song again.

So, Harry Reid, Dick "Dick" Durbin, et al? Fool the Obamiac/Democratiac types once ... keep on trying, I guess!

And, TPM in general moved from too much old-time blog to too much online newspaper without an op-ed section. That said, is Josh Marshall still running gushing posts of slideshows from official White House photography?

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