March 30, 2013

Douthat hits new low on gay marriage

Here's the shorter Ross Douthat this Sunday: Increased yearnings for gay marriage have been part of the reason for the decline of straight marriage.

Now ol Rossty later says he's just talking about correlation, not causation.

Bullshit. His "just saying" tongue is clearly thrust in the side of his cheek.

Given that he's written two straight columns about gay marriage issues, linking to hardcore social conservative traditional marriage think tanks, and been blogging about it, this is clearly a pony he intends to keep riding for some time.

And, also, just on causation, it's a flat-out lie.

The divorce rate was actually higher in the pre-World War I era than in the 1950s, and I know there there was no push for gay marriage when Taft was president.

I mean, ol Rossty writes some craptacular columns at times, but it's clear that, on this issue, he's going to tell half-truths, lies by insinuation and more, all he can.

Maybe his gay colleague Frank Bruni will actually find some balls and kick Douthat in his. I highly doubt that, though.


That said, it's a craptacular Sunday at the NYT op-ed page in general. Teapot Tommy Friedman tells us that we should all be able to just create our own jobs. Bet that sells well at Davos and Aspen, eh?

Should the Times tighten its paywall further, to defeat NoScript or simliar workarounds, I'll be no more likely to buy an online subscription than I am now.

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