March 28, 2013

#Stlcards make smart new deal with Wainwright

Adam Wainwright, apparant Cardinal lifer.
I'm in total agreement with the new contract the St. Louis Cardinals and Adam Wainwright have agreed on.

 Five years and $97.5 million is a lot cheaper than 6/$147 for the comparable Zach Greinke. Sorry, Angels fans, but Moreno overpaid.

If Waino hits 85-90 percent of his 2011 level this year, we'll pencil him in for 130 ERA+, 17-18 wins, 5 WAR and 3.5 WAA. Except for his long-ago career year of 2009, Greinke has never, ever busted any of those marks.

It pretty much wraps up Waino's productive career at relatively cheap value. Even if he's down to 3 WAR, not counting any injuries, by the end of the contract, it's still no more than market value.

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