April 01, 2013

Mark your Texas wingnut calendar for #Obamacare #Medicaid fun!

This baby should be a doozy.

Per a Tricky Ricky Perry press announcement:

John Cornyn, you're no Ted Cruz!
Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. John Cornyn and Sen. Ted Cruz will hold a round table discussion followed by a press conference on the importance of not expanding Medicaid and the need to reform the current program giving states the flexibility to innovate and enact patient-centered, market-driven reforms.

Participants include Congressman Michael Burgess, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, Rep. Lois Kolkhorst, Commissioner Kyle Janek and the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

It's Monday at 10:30 at the Capitol.

Given that Perry has proposed bupkis so far as an actual alternative to Obama's expansion of Medicaid, I expect nothing of substance beyond a demand that the current level of Medicaid be allowed to be provided through private insurers.

Otherwise, expect this:

Why isn't Gohmert Pyle invited to this event?
1. Ted Cruz will claim that Obamacare is a part of the UN's Agenda 22, a super-secret follow-up to Agenda 21. It's a plot by the UN to take over health care in the US.
2. John Cornyn will claim that he's always been just as stout a defender of wingnuttery as Cruz, and deny that his middle name is now "Primaried."
3. David Dewhurst will try to muscle in to the wingnut spotlight, adding to rumors that his new middle name is "Primaried-Cornyn."
4. Lois Kolkhorst will prove, once again, that even a blind hog wingnut can find an acorn (Trans-Texas Corridor) about once a decade.
5. Michael Burgess will say, "I think I'm not wingnut enough to be here. Didn't you mean to invite Gohmert Pyle?"
6. And, Louie Gohmert Pyle will probably try to check in via Skype, if he doesn't think that's part of the UN's Agenda 23.
7. Meanwhile, the rest of us will wonder if Greg Abbott's invite got lost in the mail, or if Rick Perry is worried about HIS middle name being "Primaried-Abbott."

Update, March 29: Meanwhile, Cornyn has already jumped the gun, combining nutbar memes by claiming "the French are coming," illegally crossing the border with Mexico. Cornyn has shown he can join Gohmert Pyle in high-road hypocrisy, though, condemning Don Young for using the term "wetbacks" about Mexicans crossing illegally.

Update, April 1: It had April Fool's Day jokesters, even if they were deadly serious. Ted Cruz gives us a sampling of nutbar eclair. A broader coverage of the event is here.

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