June 28, 2012

SCOTUS vs. Obamacare - my advance prediction

Individual mandate gets rejected, 5-4. Most of the rest stays in, some by a 5-4 margin, some by broader margins.

Prediction No. 2: By 30 seconds after the announcment, GOP and Democratic political committees and 500 PACs are all hitting cable TV, blogs and YouTube with pre-recorded videos asking you and I for massive amounts of money to either find new ways for health care for all, or to finish putting a stake in the socialist Obama administration.

Prediction No. 3: Dear Leader never, ever mentions the one way to actually get health care for all - a single-payer system. Never mentions it.

We'll see in about 9-10 hours if the first group of predictions are true. No. 2 will be true in some way shape or form.

And, if No. 1 is true, I'll bet my bottom dollar on No. 3 being true.

And, shockingly, I was wrong. The individual mandate passed, even with Kennedy opposed. The "umpire," the Chief, John Roberts, favored it.

And, so, the wingnut side of those commercials will really ramp up now.

And sadly, Prediction No. 3 will be true indeed, along with likely rising insurance rates and little cost containment. (Which we need more of, anyway.)

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