SocraticGadfly: Global warming: a capitalist conspiracy

June 28, 2012

Global warming: a capitalist conspiracy

With a record-setting (and, we're talking all-time records, not just for this date in history; Fort Wayne, for example, at least tied its all time record of 106) heat wave threatening to stay locked in place until at least mid-July, the header is legit.

It's no less conspiratorial, for example, to say this is a CAPITALIST PLOT by Big Coal to force more people to use more coal-fired electricity than to hear denialists claim that global warming is nothing other than a scare tactic, part of a drive to implement socialism.

Think about it.

Global warming will force you to use more electricity. You may be forced to retrofit your home's insulation and windows. As more places consider privatizing water utilities, what happens to that bill?

And, of course, Big Oil doesn't want you to drive hybrids, pure electric cars, or anything other than "drill, baby, drill," then let you, not it, pay for the global warming consequences. Add to that having to run your car A/C more in hot weather.

Let's not forget the environmental bill of more mountaintop mining that Big Coal wants to do, and the fracking that Big Oil wants.

Repeat this to any denialist: Global warming is a capitalist conspiracy. It's more true than their denialism.

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