June 28, 2012

Dem refutes Greg Abbott and Rick Perry's Texas Miracle

Jim Riley, the Democratic nominee for Texas 11th Congressional District, to face incumbent Mike Conaway, has the best way to attack Republicans like Greg Abbott on Obamacare — personalize this issue. In the same press release, he also pulls off the bank shot of repudiating Rick Perry's "Texas Miracle" claims:
“I am particularly pleased that Texans, and especially hard working families with children will benefit from provisions that keep children on our insurance after they turn 18, that pre-existing conditions will no longer prevent working people from getting health insurance for children like my youngest son who has asthma, or people like me with diabetes and high blood pressure, or any other reason insurance companies have used in the past to either refuse to sell health care insurance or charge unreasonable and often unaffordable rates to working people.”

This is indeed a good day for the country, and a great day for Texas where we have more uninsured people, where according to CNN Money, 24.6% of our citizens have no health care insurance. For Texans, for working people in Texas, for the people I hope to represent in the 11th District, who will reap the benefits of affordable health care, this is indeed a historic day!
Indeed, that's the way to do it. If Obamacare doesn't affect a Democratic candidate, or Green candidate!, personally, get people up there on stage with you. 

And go on the offensive. Ask why Republicans don't like people like that. Be blunt.

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