October 06, 2011

#TigerWoods still struggling ... and may continue

Alan Shipnuck of Golf.com/Sports Illustrated says that Tiger is still so afraid of going far left with drives he often blocks right.(Yeah, I know, insert joke here. And, insert joke about "insert," too.) That was just one of several problems on display in the Frys.com Open.

And, Greg Norman is the latest to say Tiger will never win another major. The Shark: "I think he's reverted to a deeper hole. ... He has a hard time being a person."

Norman adds what others think, that Tiger doesn't have street smarts, that IMG, among others, coddles him too much, and more.

Norman has also apparently talked to Steve Williams more than once before Tiger canned him, and possibly afterward, too.

Bottom line? On dealing with distractions, etc., Norman thinks Woods is going backward.

Well, Tiger made the cut; but, let's remember, post-Masters, he's normally, in his limited stints, had one good round out of four. Maybe today was it.)

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