October 06, 2011

Obama goes hypocrite on #OccupyWallStreet

Obama says that OccupyWallStreet reflects Americans' frustration with the financial system.

Uhh, that would be the financial system that gave you more 2008 campaign money than John McCain in your NON small donor campaign? The financial system whose Goldman Sachs was your No. 2 donor? With JPMorgan Chase No. 6, Citigroup No. 7, UBS No. 15 and Morgan Stanley No. 19?

You do know, Dear Leader, that the "occupiers" think you're a fake, don't you, at least the knowledgeable ones? You do realize the tea partyers don't buy your weak semi-answers, don't you? You do realize you're talking to the neoliberal crowd which worships your brand still almost as much as Apple's, don't you?

Well, maybe you don't. I've come to believe that you have a fairly high self-delusion skill set along with the BS one.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you are a republican.

Would you prefer a republican president controlled by wall street over a democrat president controlled by wall street?

More or less, the same kinds of activities (bailouts) will occur.

Money corrupts

Anonymous said...

What I'm saying is that

"both parties depend on Wall Street's money to fund their campaigns, they will not dare to cross the interests of Wall Street."

It saddens me that there are still idiots out there who think voting red or blue makes any difference.

"in 2002 democrats complained while republicans raised the deficit ceiling "

"in 2010 republicans complain while democrats raised the deficit ceiling "

America is a plutocracy.

Gadfly said...

Anon No. 1, you'd be wrong. I've not voted for a Repub or a Dem for Prez this century and voted Green the last two elections. Read through the blog, even the recent posts, and it will be clear I'm not a GOPer.

Now, what about YOU? Have you voted Green? Have you told friends to look outside the duopoly?

Gadfly said...

Oh, and were I in a place to be protesting, I'd do that; I was protesting against the bailouts two years ago, Exxon nearly a decade ago and the Iraq War a full decade ago.