October 08, 2011

Who really is the #99ers in #OccupyWallStreet?

First, I did something I hadn't originally thought of: I did a WhoIs lookup on the website 99ers.net.

Domain purchaser is Wild West Domains, which is itself a website set-up/build company ... or a pass-through for somebody who would know how to build a website themselves. The company's 480 area code is in Arizona, not the likely location for a progressive movement like this. Dunno why the creators chose this particular "filter," assuming that's what it is.

The biggie, though, is the date of URL purchase: June 24, 2010.

Here's more:
Daniel Acker
291 Mountain View Drive
York, Pennsylvania 17404
United States

He owns two other websites, neither of which is politically oriented. And, per another website, 99ers is actually located in Provo, Utah.

One more bit of interest. Mr. Acker uses the email address fredabernathy@yahoo.com. A search for a person by that name plus "99ers" got no Google hits. A similar search for Acker got no hits beside WhoIs type sites.

So, leaderless? No. Leader-enshrouded? Yes. Why? (I wasn't going to pay to use U.S. Search or a similar website, especially if I don't even know whether or not Acker isn't a front for someone else. Or even a created "persona," for that matter.)

Occupy Wall Street's WhoIs, on the  other hand, is straightforward and is registered to an Adbusters rep.

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