August 14, 2011

Will Texas wreck the Big 12?

As Texas A&M makes more serious noises about joining the Southeastern Conference, it sure seems a possibility.

It's all over UT's TV network. That's the same network that sank its move to the Pac-10 earlier this year. If A&M does leave, that leaves it a two-team football conference, albeit still a bigger basketball conference. Would Oklahoma then entertain an SEC offer of its own? Or a Pac-10 offer?

UT's either going to have share that TV network money, or, if it really wants to go down this road, wind up becoming an independent.

And, in an update with several angles, the SEC said it's staying at 12 -- for now. It also said A&M approached it, not the other way around.

Meanwhile, Dan Branch and the rest of the Texas Lege can STFU. It's no business of theirs, really, if A&M and UT part athletic ways.

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