August 17, 2011

#RickPerry: GOP buyers' remorse?

If GOP "insiders" are still calling, or calling again, for either Paul Ryan or Doug Christie to run, then the bloom is clearly off the Rick Perry rose.
Well, per the story linked above, Perry saying that Ben Bernanke would be near "treasonous "if he printed more money, something not even goldbug and fiat money nut Ron Paul has said, is a good starting point. (Here's the truth about the Fed's transparency, overall.)

Second, Perry's Texas macho posturing, like W. Bush on anxiety-laced steroids, is probably already wearing a bit thin. And, in light of statements above, if it combines with a relative ignorance of national policy issues, he may come off sounding like Sarah Palin.

Third, as far as election playout, Perry probably has too late a start to win Iowa; I don't think he can overtake Bachmann, and I think Romney will maintain enough of a backdoor presence to finish No. 2. In New Hampshire? It's possible Perry will play about as poorly as Phil Gramm. Yes, for every W. and Bush Senior coming out of Texas to win a nomination, there's a Gramm, a John Connally, even a John Tower who falls flat on his face.

Besides, and related to that, as Nate Silver reminds non-Texans, Perry's "never lost a campaign" claim is not all he cracks it up to be. He has NEVER "led" his party's ticket. Period. As far as margin of victory among statewide candidates, he's never been more than middle of the pack, at best.

So, James Moore is full of it in predicting a Perry win, no matter how many years he's spent here in Tejas. And, a Perry-Palin ticket? Besides guaranteeing Obama's re-election, Palin would NEVER take the No. 2 spot again.

I wish I could get CNN money for being so asshat stupid. And, for being paid to write a book with asshat stupidity in that, as Moore has done.

Meanwhile, Tricky Ricky, contra tough-talking book, tough-walking boots, and tough-shooting sidearm, shows himself to be just another politician, pandering ever more for tea party votes by announcing he was wrong on his decision to try to force HPV vaccines on young girls.

Of course, the real story is that Perry's initial push was a big campaign favor for big donor Merck. That's just one of many big favors for big donors, something that will get raised more by GOP opponents, and of course in the general, should Perry get the nomination.

On the other hand, if you're "just folks," then Texas is Ross Perot's Mexico, as Harold Meyerson notes.

Meanwhile, Perry the Secessionist has a hot potato over Confederate license plates. Does he pander more to tea partiers and risk opening the secessionist label, or not? This one could really be fun.

At the same time, Ryan, Christie (and Marco Rubio) all have their own issues.

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