August 18, 2011

More truth on Rick Perry's jobs

First, let's compare apples to apples on state-by-state job creation. When we do, Massachusetts, among other states, is ahead of Texas in the past three years.

Second, as Texans know, Tricky Ricky is bragging about his jobs creation because .... unemployment in the state's been going up the past two years.

Third, in something that will end with the new draconian Texas budget, many of the jobs the Tricker has seen created in Texas have been government jobs. And that has been aided in part by federal stimulus money.

So, in short:
1. Perry's not created many jobs;
2. He's lost a lot of jobs;
3. The jobs he has created have been "socialist" government ones.

Clear enough?

Of course it is. That's why he has to lie about it.

And, if that's not clear, note that Big Oil, illegal immigration and drug trafficking have also been important!

(Hat tips to Think Progress, Talking Points Memo.)

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