SocraticGadfly: Cuba re-admitted to OAS after all?

June 03, 2009

Cuba re-admitted to OAS after all?

Contra an earlier post of mine, where I discussed reports that re-admission of Cuba to the Organization of American States had broken down, allegedly over a U.S. insistence that Cuba move toward democracy, the latest word is that Cuba is in, with no information on what, if any, preconditions are involved.

That then said, Cuba says it doesn’t want in, because the OAS is an American tool. Maybe Raul Castro sings a different tune than Fidel on this, especially if the re-admission is a fait accompli

It IS without preconditions, but with Cuba agreeing to comply with OAS conventions on human rights and other issues.

That said, overall, the vote has to be considered a “win” for more moderate approaches to Cuba. And, an acknowledgement of reality-based foreign affairs by the Obama Administration.

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