SocraticGadfly: US, Latin American left still can’t agree on Cuba

June 03, 2009

US, Latin American left still can’t agree on Cuba

American insistence on Cuban commitment to democracy, apparently rejected by Venezuela, Nicaragua and a couple other countries, has Cuba’s OAS application on hold. And, ridiculously so.

Did we ever put the same restrictions on Chinese WTO membership? Yes, Venezuela, especially, with Hugo Chavez, is just playing spoiler with this issue. But, I bet if the U.S. agreed to “more democratic” rather than “democratic,” it could get Cuba’s membership approved.

And, at the same time, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talking about how much her husband’s administration reached out to Cuba is simply laughable. In addition to tweaking language, somebody on the U.S. side is probably going to have to do at least some degree of mea culpa, rather than just trying to do an Obama “look forward” while lying about the past.

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