May 28, 2008

Rockefeller backing and protests can’t sway Exxon shareholders

The proposal to split Exxon’s CEO and chairman of the board positions failed today, and, despite strong backing by countless Rockefellers, only did about as well as it did a year ago.

Protests by myself and others didn’t work, either.

Meanwhile, Rex Tillerson, the man who holds both spots, emerged unchastened and unrepentant from the meeting:
At a news conference after the vote, Tillerson said, “A lot of climate change policy is still up for debate” and that society must be “realistic” about the economic impact of policies aimed at curbing the burning of fossil fuels.


Exxon’s still doing to be denialists on global warming. And likely on Peak Oil, too. Just not so baldly as when led by Lee Raymond.

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