SocraticGadfly: Jim Webb as Obama Veep? Feh - updated on Hong Le Webb

May 29, 2008

Jim Webb as Obama Veep? Feh - updated on Hong Le Webb

He does, obviously, offer Barack Obama “cover” on military issues and clearly puts Virginia in play. But, what else?

He was a registered Republican until after the Iraq War started, has no track record of any kind, let alone a liberal one, on domestic policy, and comes from a military family.

Also, at least as of 2006, he stlll supported the reasons we got into Vietnam in the first place. And, he has claimed, and never renounced the claim, that Democrats of the early 1970s “sold out the troops” in Vietnam. (Indeed, I halfway suspect he stil thinks Nam was “winnable.”)

And, still per Wiki, some women may remember what got brought up during Webb’s 2006 Senate run, that, while teaching at Annapolis, he penned a 1979 article entitled “Women Can’t Fight”

Now, in the Senate campaign, he eventually rounded up some female flack for cover, but I think it was pretty thin. I think he’s enough of a military traditionalist he still believes what he wrote nearly 30 years ago.

Plus, I think it’s an open question as to how much Webb actually opposed the Iraq War vs. how much he opposes our current operation of the war.

None of that says “Politics of Change” to me. And, the women’s issue certainly won’t help Obama solidify the support of Hillary Clinton supporters.

Besides, military service means nothing to Swift Boaters, unless Webb will be FAR more aggressive than John Kerry.

Correction: Per commenter Bo, I had the wrong Hong Le (not Webb) originally linked. Hong Lee Webb's law firm is here and her personal profile is here.

Of course, this firm is worse than the McKenna Long that Hong Le (not Webb) works for, that I mistakenly placed Hong Le Webb at.

I don’t know what Hong Le Webb does, exactly, in her securities/insurance/finance law work, but her company defends asbestos manufacturers, among other things:
Our experience in countering plaintiff's tabloid-type conspiracy claims of alleged corporate wrongdoing, putting profits ahead of safety, corner-cutting, and concealing harmful information allows us to coordinate winning defense themes, trial strategies, and to identify and prepare corporate and expert witnesses.

Dykema also defends Big Pharma, hospitals and docs against medical malpractice, etc.

In her own areas of securities and insurance, Dykema says it offers help with …
Proxy contests and dealing with dissident or activist shareholders.

In other words, it helps shut people up.

And, it even does subprime litigation, as in defending subprime mortgage brokers, etc.

In other words, Hong Le Webb could be Cindy McCain of a sort for all we know.

Finally, there’s the pander effect.

Webb just changed parties two years ago. He was sworn into his first elective office less than 18 months ago.

First, if he was as concerned about economic equality, as well as Iraq, as he claims, why didn’t he switch parties quicker?

Second, the time frame I just mentioned makes this look like a pretty naked lusting after the job.

Yes, I know every politician has an ego, etc., but this seems pretty high on the scale.

Final argument on Webb, to riff on George Wallace: Dems are not going to out-military the GOP.

I’m still thinking Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is Obama’s best bet. A female Veep would do a lot for intraparty Democratic healing.

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