May 16, 2008

Friday scatblogging for senior citizens and disabled

Gas price hikes are hitting folks on fixed incomes, like senior citizens and service agencies for them, pretty hard. That includes Auburn, N.Y.’s SCAT Van:
The Senior Citizen’s Aid to Transportation (SCAT) Van, a free countywide transportation provider for disabled and senior citizens, was forced to increase its recommended donation from $3 a day for an inner-city trip to $3 each way to cope with rising gas prices.

Scatblogging aside, an extra three bucks, if all you have is Sociable Security, ain’t nice. Sounds like there’s a market here for a Prius minibus.

SCAT is having gas price problems in Greensboro, N.C., too. SCAT there is a shared-ride system for people with disabilities unable to ride on regular bus routes. Fares are going up a dime a trip.

Beyond that, speaking of senior citizens and others on fixed incomes and/or limited mobility, the rise in both fuel and food prices certainly is a kick in the groin to Meals on Wheels, local food pantries and such.

If you’ve got anything in your wallet or checkbook to spare, help these folks out.

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