May 16, 2008

Friday scatblogging — why I scatblog

It’s a protest against the inanity of catbloggers like the one giving a cat antidepressants.

What effing idiocy.

First, it might be different if it were a dog, as far as my personal animal preference.

Second, while I appreciate and understand the psycho-emotional value of pets, treating them that much like people is ridiculous. Doctors Without Borders could use that money spent on cat Elavil for the Myanmar cyclone relief, etc. A local food bank could use that too. (Some degree of apologiies to the blogger to whom I linked; she said her cat is on Elavil for urinary incontinence. The veterinary Elavil website she linked, however, lists a psychological issue, separation anxiety, as its first feline use; more on this above your head in another blog post.)

Third, this sounds like a spinoff racket for Big Pharma, as well as a direct racket for veterinarians. What next, cat whisperers, or dog whisperers, for that matter, asking patients to do primal meow or primal bark therapy?

Hell, it could be a Big Pharma spinoff for real people, too. Kid won't stop bed-wetting? Fine, here is some Elavil.

Finally, looking for new scatblogging ideas every week stimulates my creativity for blogging here.

Almost every one of my scatblogging posts, with the exception of something like the horse Scat Daddy, has been about serious issues.

Dating American Indian caves by coprolites goes to the “Clovis” issue that’s at the heart of anthropological study of American Indian origins. A challenge to identify wild animal scat encourages people to get m ore involved with nature. My multiple scatblogs about mass transit with the proper acronyms of course touches on fuel prices, the future of mass transit, etc. The blog about burning scat to fire a power plant raises a number of issues.

Even the one about the scat-porn video producer is serious in that it covered First Amendment issues. Especially given the current occupant of the White House, that’s a serious issue.

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