SocraticGadfly: Climate crisis: One straight year over 1.5C

February 12, 2024

Climate crisis: One straight year over 1.5C

THAT is the bigger reality than just a record-setting January.

Yes, the neoliberal wing of climate change scientists, or climate change Obamiacs as I call them, the Michael Manns and Katharine Hayhoes, will downplay the seriousness of this. Hayhoe probably as an evangelical Christian will do so for that reason alone; survey says, no joking about the phrase, that secularists are FAR more likely to think that climate change is a very major issue than either fundagelical OR liberal-minded people not just of Christianity or any other world religion.

Before the January climate story, I already saw people spinning the record-setting 2023 as "well, maybe we'll hit 2C but no more than that," or words to that effect.

Reality? Per the likes of James Hansen, we've surely baked in 2.5C and almost surely 3C into what will wind up as the new stasis point. As I said in discussing that, and in saying that I would take Hansen over Mann any time on climate assessments, 4C by 2100 would not surprise me. Even 5C would not incredibly surprise me.

And, per it being referenced in Reuters? The Paris accords are Jell-O, and two people wanted that: Dear Leader Obama and Xi Jinping.

Meanwhile, other climate scientists warn that the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation is closer to a tipping point. That's the point where meltwater from the Arctic and Greenland could overwhelm the Gulf Stream at its northerly reaches and affect the climate of Western Europe. How much, we really don't know.

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