SocraticGadfly: Nancy Pelosi, inflationary political idiot

October 21, 2022

Nancy Pelosi, inflationary political idiot

New inflation concerns, thanks to the latest OPEC cuts, plus tight diesel stocks, which will likely minimize Warmonger Joe's latest effort to battle inflation, and which the Inflation Reduction Act does not do a lot of, have slackened the sails of earlier Democratic political tailwinds for the midterm election, as Jeet Heer notes at The Nation.

Of course, when you're in denialism, like Nancy Pelosi, and a reason I invented Passive Pelosi™:

Inflation’s an issue, but it’s global. It’s global. What’s (the Republicans’) plan? They ain’t got nothing. When you bring down unemployment, inflation goes up. So in any case, (President Joe Biden) brought unemployment (down), cut it in half. Inflation is there but it’s global and not as bad as it is in some countries. We’ll have to message it better in the next three weeks ahead.

How fucking stupid can you be, Pelosi? And, this statement of yours defines that yes, you need better messaging, because this messaging is crap.

I and other Americans are NOT voting globally on representatives to the UN General Assembly.

Jeet then nails Pelosi to the Hillary Clinton yardarm:

While Pelosi is at least urging fellow Democrats to take up inflation as an issue, the thrust of her comments suggests complacency: Other countries have it worse; unemployment is down; the GOP has no alternative; we’re doing great. It calls to mind the ill-fated “America is already great” message the Democrats ran on in 2016.


Bernie Sanders said that Dems need to focus on the economy more, and many Dem activists said "but abortion is economic justice." That it is. But, even if you're a minority woman, you're not having a new baby, and considering its cost, every week. You ARE, if you're at the grocery store.

Heer notes that national Dems could take a page from John Fetterman and attack corporate profiteering, and more than just oil companies, which are low-hanging fruit. Yeah, sure.

Heer then suggests calling out Republicans for wanting to privatize Social Security and Medicare. Really? With the last three Dem presidents' history on that?

And, beyond that, you have Liemonger Joe claiming to Peter Doocy that "It's not politically motivated at all," of his latest Strategic Petroleum Reserve release.  But, despite Biden's attempt to low-key this, voters have loudly said "It's the economy, stupid" to Inflationmonger Joe and Passive Pelosi.

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