SocraticGadfly: Yeah, right on a Patriot Party (or MAGA Party, or whatever's next)

January 20, 2021

Yeah, right on a Patriot Party (or MAGA Party, or whatever's next)

Trump's helicopter-fueled fade to black from DC this morning included these not-so-Stentorian words: "Have a good life. We will see you soon."

That said, per yesterday's Wall Street Journal, Trump allegedly hopes to see people soon as head of a new Patriot Party.

Which is to laugh. 

First, this would be as big a clusterfuck as anything else created by Donald J. Trump, especially with no inherited daddy money, let alone daddy tax-dodging loans. His kids would be of no more help.

And, every day further that he delays on this, the more he becomes yesterday's news, especially with no post-presidential Twitter megaphone.

Any Rethuglicans who might be tempted, yet know Trump's weathervane mind, are going to wait for him to take the first official steps. Those include MONEY for ballot access and state-level party formation.

Second? Speaking of state-level party formation? The anti-third party laws in various states, pushed through both by Trump's current Rethuglicans AND Trump's former Democraps, handicap even legit attempt at forming new parties, like the Movement for a People's Party. A Trumpian effort would be binned from the start if it involves Trump's lazy, flighty ass leading it.

The big question is, how much would this hurt Rethuglicans?

Meanwhile, someone like Matt Welch, largely agrees.

UPDATE: Egged on by someone in Arizona, he's still talking about it, but now calling it a "MAGA Party."

And, with that, and per the image, associated with this 2019 story, if Trump thinks he can still MAKE money by blathering about a MAGA party without actually doing anything to start one? He's there in a New York minute, because, as P.T. Barnum knew, "There's a MAGA-sized sucker born every minute."

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