SocraticGadfly: Cardinals: Replace Wong with Schoop?

November 07, 2020

Cardinals: Replace Wong with Schoop?

Red Satan suggests they'll do just that: replace option-bought-out Kolten Wong with Tiger FA Jonathan Schoop. MLBTR discusses as well, along with what the team faces with popular FA vets Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina.

OK, first, the possible swapout at 2B. Why wouldn't the Cards at least consider that even if Mo and Girsch AREN'T penny pinching?

First, the 2B situation.

Almost dead wash career wise on WAR, oWAR, dWAR, and games played. But, Schoop is a year younger. If you can save a couple of million for a couple of years, why not?

Contra Red Satan, I'm not a fan of doing a likely overpay for DJ LeMahieu. And, yes, I think it would be just that. Add in that he's going to be 32 next year.

Per Red Satan, George Springer in RF could be great. Cards would have to swallow 1 year of Dexter Fowler being a 4th OF? DH? Floater? IF the Cards were interested, they won't go past five years if that. I don't see Springer wanting less than six. Personally, I'd be fine with, say four plus two mutual option years after that or something, or even five with a player opt-out after three, tho the Birds still loathe those and I largely agree.

Waino and Yadi? I'm OK with ONE-YEAR contracts for both. Nothing more, though.

And Yadi must be told that there's no guarantees after that one year, and there's no option year on it. I'll have a separate post on myths about Yadi, including myth vs reality on him not being a HOFer, in a few days. And, that is now up.

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