SocraticGadfly: Latest on Ed Butowsky, Ty Clevenger et al sliming Seth Rich, his family, his memory (UPDATE: FOX CASE SETTLED)

September 09, 2020

Latest on Ed Butowsky, Ty Clevenger et al sliming Seth Rich, his family, his memory (UPDATE: FOX CASE SETTLED)

Ed Butowsky was facing legal sanctions over willfully telling lies in his lawsuit against David Folkenflik and NPR. One problem with NPR's filing, IMO. If there were any way of looping him into it, they should have asked for sanctions against Ed's legal beagle, Ty Clevenger. You know, the sack o shite Ty Clevenger who has a boatload of unpaid legal sanctions and other black marks.

BIG BIG BIG Update Nov. 24 on a related lawshit: Fox has settled its lawsuit by Aaron Rich and the rest of Seth's family. Family statement here. Malia Zimmerman no longer at Fox, apparently fired, per CNN. More here, noting that Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs were scheduled to be deposed soon. Actual legal papers say dismissed with prejudice, meaning it can't be reopened by the Riches unless the defendants do something egregious. Beyond that, that's it for public consumption.

But, NOT it for informed guesstimates. Michael Isikoff now reports it's likely Fox shelled out seven figures. Also note that Fox was, contra The Donald's new like for OANN and Newsmax, indirectly doing his bidding to the end:

Although the settlement terms were soon agreed to (after talks started in September), the sources say, Fox News arranged to delay any announcement until this week — three weeks after the presidential election.

Ouch. Disgusting but not surprising.

Now, back to the original post.

Unfortunately, there's not a way to make that happen under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 37, the basis of this particular filing.

Ty Clevenger, wingnut grifter
Ty Clevenger
BUT, per the BIG NEW UPDATES below, the sanctions imposes, starting in his suit against NPR and David Folkenflik, may have forced Ed to fold his tents not only on that case but others.

Ty as well as Ed DOES (did) face a sanctioning claim under Rule 11, in a sanctions claim from the same case. Rulings are expected in 2-4 weeks. (But, update: Ty dodged that bullet.) Meanwhile, as yet more stories come out, in the middle of, and wake of, the RNC, Ed, Ty et al look worse than ever.
UPDATE, Sept. 21: The Rule 37 sanctions have been leveled. Butowsky owes NPR $55K and change in attorneys' fees plus $10K in punitive sanctions fees. Meat of the discussion starts on page 36 of the PDF.
UPDATE, Sept. 29: A bunch of defendants have been removed from another Butowsky suit, and without Ed or his mouthpiece objecting. SMH

Back to original.

More detail: NPR is asking for a motion for summary judgment (YES!) based on previous stupidity by Butowsky (which arguably is previous stupidity, passive mood, by Clevenger).

Unfortunately, the magistrate in the case has recommended against Rule 11 sanctions. (This is likely to be appealed to the district judge level.)

And, stand by for news! As in, about another week!
I'm standing by. And may be for a while.

Ed has asked for another month's delay because Poor Ty has to do intensive outpatient rehab for antidepressant withdrawal. Where's your moral fiber, Ty, on either not withdrawing with ease, or on taking them in the first place?

Meanwhile, Aaron Rich, in his lawsuit over this issue, wants some recordings of Butowsky made by Matt Couch to be required to be publicly released.

And, the Hannity and Lou Dobbs deposition news has made the media big time now at Daily Beast.
BIG NEW UPDATE, Nov. 12: Ed, AND Matthew Couch, are asking for a 45-day pause to enter settlement negotiations with Aaron Rich.
UPDATE, Oct. 16: Ed and Ty have agreed to have their lawsuit against Michael Isikoff, Verizon et al dismissed WITH PREJUDICE

UPDATE, Oct. 19: Ed and Ty have folded tents all over the place. Lawsuit against NPR and Folkenflik? Dismissed with prejudice. Anderson Cooper and many et als? Dismissed with prejudice after recommendation of magistrate on venue issues. Stuart Blaugrund is probably right that Ed didn't want to pay $65K in sanctions on the NPR case, and, unlike Ty being a scofflaw on state court sanctions, this is federal. He/they probably knew that sanctions were coming elsewhere.

Suit against Doug Wigdor? Dismissed with prejudice. Here we have Ty talking about how Ed's allegedly (ALLEGEDLY, TY) near-fatal heart attack forced him to end these suits. 


There's this thing called a "continuance." You've filed zillions of them JUST in Butowsky's various lawsuits. Instead, per Stuart, most likely you and Ed saw the new music and didn't want to dance.

NO sympathy here. Surprised you didn't once again cite your own antidepressant addiction. Referenced, with hindsight by me, on his blog July 22, yet, even though he knows people have seen his filings since then, not admitted for his cultists. (Actually, given that most his posts have zero comments, he has no more cultists than I do, but I'm not a cultist person.)
I haven’t blogged much lately, in part due to a medical problem (not COVID, thankfully) that slowed me down considerably …
Whatever happened to willpower and personal responsibility, Ty?

The reality is that Ty hasn't blogged at ALL in two and one-half months. He's probably even more depressed over having to surrender. And, all his untruthful claims about the FBI stonewalling him will finish turning to dust in the face of the non-cultist public soon enough.

And, could you have been worried for yourself as well as Ed, that in one of these cases, you would face your own Chapter 11 sanctions? Chapter 11 in this case would mean moral bankruptcy, not bankruptcy. Per Stuart, this may have been something you couldn't afford either, as you couldn't skip on these like on your state sanctions.
Oct. 26: And, Ed and Ty's attempt to treat the woman allegedly their own witness, Ellen Ratner, as a hostile witness IN A SECOND DEPOSITION, not at trial, has also gone bye-bye

Related update, Dec. 1: NPR, Verizon, Rich family, et al have moved for Matthew Couch's suit against them to be dismissed for dilatory service process. Apparently Couch chose not to participate in the Butowsky settlement talks.

Update, Dec. 16: Losing all these cases hasn't prevented Clevenger from pursuing other mendaciousness in court.

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