SocraticGadfly: Does Greg Abbott have coronavirus blood on his hands?

June 20, 2020

Does Greg Abbott have coronavirus blood on his hands?

I say yes.

Six weeks or more after telling cities and counties they couldn't order individuals to wear masks, he said that his policy DID allow local officials to require businesses to have a masks policy.

So, rather than telling Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff "Heh, heh, I'm glad you found the loophole," why didn't he announce that straight up?

Because as many people in Texas know, from wingnuts within the wingnuts at Empower Texas to mainstream media and beyond and as clearly demonstrated here, Abbott hates public accountability.

Elected wingnuts like Bob Hall, a wingnut within the wingnuts of today's Texas GOP, and even wingnuts-lite, are attacking Abbott for being too draconian.

The reality is reflected in the rise in COVID cases and the re-closure, in major metro areas, of restaurants that had tried to reopen themselves at 75 percent. (Yours truly has hopped inside a fast-food restaurant twice in small town north Texas to avoid drive-through lines; I haven't been inside a sit-down restaurant, even in a small town, since the coronavirus hit the fan and have no plans to change that for months.)

At the same time, Abbott ain't up for re-election until 2022, and non-wingnut suburban-district House legiscritters are halfway willing to go along with this, and with police reform, because of this paired set of numbers: 83-67.

But, Strangeabbott's attempt to dodge responsibility has failed. Medical science knew that, those six weeks ago. "Personal responsibility" when three-quarters of Texas GOP backers is libertarian yahoos, whether having the additional encumbrance of being Religious Right or not, is a recipe for disaster.

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