SocraticGadfly: Top March blogging — shock, it's coronavirus!

April 11, 2020

Top March blogging — shock, it's coronavirus!

A few days late in the month, but here you are! Seven of the top ten were coronavirus related. A couple of them were in early April. All were popular based on reading in the last month, and not a new surge of interest in any old pieces.

No. 1, which is now in my top ten for the last year, is about humans being "predictably irrational," as shown at this time.

No. 2 was one of the three outliers. It was about a kind of smug Berniecrat complaining that the Green Party was allegedly oh-so-unwelcoming.

No. 3 was about my suggestions for shopping, etc. in the "new normal." Whether from my few words or not, more people are doing these things — but not yet enough.

No. 4 was actually written in what seems almost a coronavirus eternity ago, it seems. It was about how American exceptionalism is crumbling in the face of the coronavirus. Many Trumpers, especially, between moments of still pretending this isn't ultimately mainly Trump's fault, are in panic-frustration emotional crossbreeding because they somewhere, dimly, recognize this is true.

No. 5 is also from that time. That's when I started splitting the weekly Roundup of Texas Progressives news into two blog posts, one for coronavirus, one for "the usual idiocy." This was the coronavirus half of the first week's split, with future weeks being linked at the top of the post.

No. 6 was a bible-based AND constitution-based refudiation of rebellious (yes) wingnut pastors who claim that government has no right to shut churches.

No. 7 was about coronavirus and ugly Chinese nationalism. NO, not spates of anti-Chinese racism here in the US, fueled in part by Trump himself. I'm talking about coronavirus-related Xi Jinping Thought.

No. 8 was from early March. I explained why I'm still a Green, not a Bernie or Bust guy. More relevant now that Bernie has busted and, as in 2016, it's likely Bernie will sheepdog and most Berners will sit out, if they don't vote Biden, rather than voting Green. Hot air's still free, folks.

No. 9? Jefferson Morley claimed a while back that he had left the JFK conspiracy theory world. From where I sit, it doesn't look that way.

No. 10 is that Texas icon Half Price Books seems severely wounded, if not mortally so, by the coronavirus. I talk about that, and reminisce about visits.

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