SocraticGadfly: Still Green, not a Bernie-or-Green Buster

March 12, 2020

Still Green, not a Bernie-or-Green Buster

I have recently tweeted a fair amount of pro-Bernie Sanders stuff, and done even more retweeting. But I've also tweeted a lot of critical stuff, like old blog posts about him and F-35s, or him and BDS. In other words, I don't support Sanders uncritically.

Want more? Much more?

Per this piece:
1. Sanders voted against the Iraq War — but FOR the Patriot Act.
2. He has supported drone war, and used NATO and other fig leafs to support bombing Libya.
3. In 2016, he called out GOP-backed coups, but not Dem-backed ones.. That's why James Carville being the latest with "he's not a Dem" claims is laughable. Since then, he's been squishy on Venezuela.
4. Related to the above, he seems to still accept the establishmentarian foreign policy line on Syria and who used chemical weapons and when.

Per this piece, Sanders, and even more, head of the family Jane:
1. Practice nepotism at the Sanders Institute.
2. Take dark money at Our Revolution.

And, I'm getting tired of BernieBros and BernieBarbies with the lying denials about point 2 immediately above.

Per this piece, Sanders still opposes BDS.

I'm not a single-issue voter, unlike, say, a fair chunk of ardent pro-choicers or pro-lifers. Or, gun nutz. (That said, I am not sure how many truly single-issue voters there are.)

But I am, pretty much, a three-issue voter. One domestic, one foreign, and one combination.

The domestic one is single-payer. And, as I get older, but not yet that close to federal government finish lines, it becomes more and more important. And, within Democratic candidates, Sanders is the only one who clearly, and regularly, backs single-payer. Warren schwaffles, and she probably has a plan for that. Gabbard has openly supported both single-payer and a public option. Yang did NOT support single-payer, contra his own claims. Buttigieg and Biden both support nothing more than improved Obamacare.

Foreign policy? Israel, Palestine and the Middle East, along with broader bipartisan foreign policy establishment stances that need to be rejected. Sanders is the "least bad" on Palestine, things like Venezuela's Juan Guaido, etc. But he ain't great.

The foreign-domestic issue? Climate change. Again, Sanders is the "least bad" but not great. Howie Hawkins' original Green New Deal is better than AOC's Democrat version, which has been watered down since she proposed it — as well as being personally undermined by her by example. No Democrat policy here treats this with the needed amount of alarm.

Nothing has changed since then.

That's why I called him, there, the best Democrat, but said I was still voting Green. And, yes, contra some Greens, or some BernieOrGreen folks, I'll vote for Dario Hunter in some circumstances. The likely one would be if he gets the Green nomination over Howie, and Hawkins is NOT available via write-in on the SPUSA ticket.

I do have one "vote against" issue. I hate gun nuts. And, Bernie in his past was kind of a schwaffler on this issue.

Meanwhile, if you are indeed a #BernieOrBust person, I've got some hypotheticals for you. Hit the polls at right.

I offer all this information, along with the polls, because Bernie DID SHEEPDOG back in 2016 and pledged to do so in advance. If he doesn't win, he'll sheepdog again, bet on it. And if he does get the Dem nomination, he may throw sharper elbows at Hawkins and third-party supporters than did Hillary Clinton.

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