SocraticGadfly: Trump names hack Ratcliffe as spy boss

July 29, 2019

Trump names hack Ratcliffe as spy boss

Having formerly lived in the First Congressional District, I can say from experience that John Ratcliffe surely ranks somewhere in the No. 2-4 range of biggest hacks among Texas GOP Housecritters.

(Gohmert Pyle is in a league of his own, of course, and remains No. 1 until dethroned.)

How big a hack?

Well, some Senate Republicans aren't fully comfortable with his nomination as spy boss.

I'm wondering how the "not only was there no Russiagate, Russia is generally OK" types, and "the DNC rigged the primaries" lawsuit types, with at least some members of both groups ranking in my mind among Jeff St. Clair's "more credulous precincts of the left," will react to Ratcliffe's nomination after he too said "Russia is generally OK" during the Mueller hearings and that Obama crimes need to be investigated.

(Sadly, St. Clair, along with managing editor Joshua Frank, have crappy editorial control in general over free[lance] submissions that they publish, as he's let his own site fuel this bullshit.)

Now, Ratcliffe is NOT talking about actual war crimes committed by Obama (because neither duopoly party is ever touching that shit), but rather, anything related to the original FBI look-see into Trump during the 2016 campaign.

And, on actual crimes, shock me that the duopoly's Ratcliffe stressed leaking is a crime. At least he didn't (yet) talk about investigating any media that received those leaks.

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