SocraticGadfly: More tough stuff to swallow for the #TulsiTwerkers

July 29, 2019

More tough stuff to swallow for the #TulsiTwerkers

Who will of course seek to explain it away.

Why did she agree to speak to Religious Right wingnut de luxe John Hagee's Christians United for Israel four years ago? (That's the lead-in.)

Islamophobia and being generally in bed with neocons, per The Nation.

LobeLog reminds us that this is the same Hagee who blessed the opening of the (unconstitutionally moved??) U.S. embassy in Jerusalem last year.

That, in turn, is why on July 24 she voted FOR AIPAC and AGAINST BDS (and the First Amendment). The Tulsi Twerkers simply cannot explain this one away, though they try.
So, Ryan is claiming, I guess, that this was really a vote AGAINST AIPAC? Sure.

Snark aside, and more seriously, this is a good example of cultlike, or even full-on cultic behavior.

It's one thing when the leader tells the masses that "black" is "white" and they then agree.

It's a step deeper when they make the brainwashed decision on their own that "black" is "white" without any prompting.

Besides, Ryan, the three more actually progressive Squad members voted against it. They know.

Besides that, as I've already said, Tulsi claims Palestinians use people as human shields.

Third, the House could have had a simple two-state resolution without the BDS. Related? Tulsi could have abstained on this resolution; THAT could arguably be seen as nuanced. A yes vote? No way, Cochise.

Fourth, HRes 246 ain't that long, and it's easy to understand. "I've yet to read the full bill?" Takes about 3 minutes, if that. The anti-BDS parts twist what the movement is about and twist Omar Barghouti's words, among other things. Period.

Fourth, part two: Mondoweiss NAILS the NYT, and AIPAC behind this, for taking Barghouti's words out of context.

So, Ryan, you're either lazy, or you're lying. Or both. And, as for the "it reflects on all the candidates"? I thought Tulsi was supposed to be different? Outside the crowd. Actually, the crowd is her cult-like following. I consider her to have the greatest degree of cultiness of any Dem presidential candidate, well above Sandernistas or even the more stereotypical BernieBros.

Fifth, the resolution was crafted in March. She's had four months to decide to abstain, if she couldn't vote no.

And, Tulsi herself now tries to explain this away and fails. She eventually admits she opposes BDS, while lamely saying she'll support Ilhan Omar's pro-right to boycotts bill. Too late, the horses are out. Her stance is just like most Democrats, including most (with the 17 exception votes) on the alleged left of the party. "We can't pressure Israel that much." (Setting aside Tulsi's own neocon-friendly background.)

Update, Sept. 17: Mondoweiss says that two and only two Democratic presidential candidates have explicitly talked about cutting U.S. foreign aid to Israel. Guess what? Neither Bernie Sanders nor Pete Buttigieg is named Tulsi Gabbard.

Maybe Ryan can next explain her background in repeatedly indulging and being with conspiracy theorists. (That's another reason I would absolutely oppose her as a Green candidate; the party's got more than enough damned conspiracy theorists as is.) As for Jimmy Dore, at the first link, I don't care if he's on RT or not. I know he's not a Russian pawn. But, I'd never really paid attention to him other than noting he's an attention-getter.

Ryan, or maybe it was another Twerker, also tried to explain to me everything about Syria. That was before I said (which I then did say) that I'm a Green, that I don't believe everything the foreign policy establishment claims about Syria, that I've read Sy Hersh, Ted Postal, and Robert Fisk, among others, and that I knew not everything alleged to have been done by Assad actually had been. At the same time, I noted that Assad had plenty of blood on his hands, too, and that some chemical weapons use, especially before Russia brokered an alleged disposal of his remaining stock, almost surely had been done by him.

A full half a dozen years or more ago, when Tulsi Gabbard wasn't even a fucking blip on the national political horizon, I had multiple long blog posts about Syria, including facts/allegations/strawmen about Assad AND Erdogan AND the rebels, who would benefit from some attacks. Since then, I've written about the alleged Assad chemical attack two years ago and the White Helmets reality. That said, in one other case, whether Assad ordered it or not (and I doubt this flew under his radar), Syrian officers DID do it. And, Syrian troops — the guys who report to Assad — have committed other war crimes and crimes against humanity. The reality in Syria, per LobeLog, is a lot dirtier and a lot more complex than Tulsi and the Twerkers paint.

Fisk has also noted her close ties to dictators, plural, not just Assad, looking first at her and Egypt's al-Sisi, the man who likely had his predecessor killed. (Fisk asked Gabbard for comment for that first story and she took a powder, unsurprisingly.)

Another Twerker, one who thinks if you put hashtags on the names of Tulsi, Bernie, Stein and Baraka, you're truly a deep thinker as well as outside the deep state or whatever, was even worse.

Part of how the Twerkers are a collective pain in the ass is that they not only assume Tulsi is right about every foreign policy statement she makes, but, where she actually is right, you can only learn the truth from her. Bullshit.

That said, it doesn't surprise me Dore is both a 9/11 truther and a Seth Rich conspiracy theorist. Wouldn't surprise me if Tulsi is.

Is every Tulsi follower cultlike enough to be a Twerker? No, but I honestly think about half are.

Are all Twerkers as cultlike as Ryan on the anti-BDS bill? No, but probably 1/3 are.

So, at minimum, 1/6 of Tulsi followers will call "white" as "black" without prompting.

And, while we're here? As of Aug. 1, Brains still has a bromance, or hard-on, or whatever for her. David Bruce Collins, with less vitriol for those calling out Tulsi, also still likes her. Brains is back to his Dem-first Green-leaning unless Sanders (or maybe Warren, we'll see his take) isn't nominated. DBC is a full-on Green, so why he cares favorably about Gabbard, let alone doesn't look at realities?


Update, Aug. 23: Tulsi has remained strict social media radio silence on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's suspension of the constitution, suspension of constitutionally based agreements, a de facto declaration of martial law and more in Kashmir. Many people are calling Kashmir "India's Palestine." Given that Gabbard has claimed Palestians use human shields, etc., I am sure she thinks Kashmir being India's Palestine is a good thing.

And Twerkers, don't give me this "she's been on Guard duty" bullshit. She's had plenty of tweets in the past two weeks.

The reality of Kashmir as a "giant prison camp" and how India (led by the BJP, but with Congress and allies in acquiescence) got to this point is explained in detail by Arundhati Roy.


Unknown said...

Totally misrepresenting a young woman who has been changing and growing right before our eyes and what is important she came down on the side of morals. Using people's childhood history against them is only worthwhile if they have not changed. Tulsi has changed.

Gadfly said...

Not untrue and other than (POSSIBLY, remember, she's still not trusted IN HAWAII) her stance on gay rights, these are all adult issues, and all adult issues she holds to this day.

She has yet to say anything about Kashmir and India's suspension of the constitution, for example. Nothing since her failed non-explaination of her anti-BDS, anti-First Amendment, vote.

You have chosen poorly.

Tulsi has not changed these positions.

Anonymous said...

"Totally misrepresenting a young woman who has been changing and growing right before our eyes"

Seems a good reason to disqualify her from government. Who wants someone who is still "growing up" as it were.

Gadfly said...

A Kool-Aid drinker quoting another Kool-Aid drinker in an untrue statement.