SocraticGadfly: Did I say something recently about how the Cardinals need to sign Dallas Keuchel?

April 24, 2019

Did I say something recently about how
the Cardinals need to sign Dallas Keuchel?

Lemme see, not just once, but twice, earlier this year, I said the Cardinals need to sign

... Dallas Keuchel.

And now

The first time, in the preseason, I said you never have enough pitching, while adding that many Cards fans who wanted to chase Bryce Harper were delusional about both him and the team's 2019 pitching staff.

The second time, was just before the start of the regular season, when the team shelved Carlos Martinez for two weeks at the start of spring training due to shoulder issues — and player-management issues about his offseason prep and more lying behind that.

Where are we at nearly a month into the season?

Martinez is still rehabbing.

Adam Wainwright, as I said then, is not only is not a sort-of No. 1 starter, he just semi-sucks. But he doesn't suck nearly as bad as Dakota Hudson, on whom those nutter fans above were going ga-ga two months ago.

And Miles Mikolas semi-sucks himself. That has to be of longer-term concern given his extension after just one year returned to MLB from Japan.

Michael Wacha is not a No. 1 starter; he's a recurring injury waiting for a new outbreak. However, with an ERA+ of 90, he's the best Cardinal starter on a team where none of them are above 90 on ERA+ or below 4.00 on FIP. Waino is actually lowest there, while Mikolas is near the top, despite having a decent WHIP, which leads me to think (whew) it could be just bad luck for him.

And, Wacha's now that injury recurred, on the shelf with knee tendinitis. Supposably, he'll just miss one start. Call me back in about a week and let's see if that's true.

On Keuchel, I was thinking in my original posts that a 3/$50M base, maybe 3/$55, with innings and awards incentives for each year and a fourth-year option at $15M plus same incentives structure.

I was not sure if that was enough to land him, but it's certainly enough to be a good starting point. And, at the same time, it certainly doesn't feel like an overpay.

But, per Buster Olney, he reportedly would be open to a "good" one-year deal.

That's all, Mo! Give him one year plus two performance-incentive-laden options.

How fucking cheap can John Mozeliak and Mike Girsch be? Plenty.

That said, as of May 7, two weeks after I posted this, somebody's lying. Contra Buster's tweet, Keuchel tells Yahoo's ace baseball columnist Tim Brown that he has told agent Scott Boras to reject multiple offers.


Keuchel could be in MLB shape before Martinez completes his rehab.

You have a mediocre 11-9 record, compounded by Christian Yelich, who I still won't forgive you for not trying to sign, owning your ass, even while you DID overpay for knowingly bum-shouldered Marcell Ozuna, who appears to have found some blind hog batting acorns while still being a throwing travesty in left field.

The other pitchers, as far as actual or possible starters? Jack Flaherty is as mediocre as the rest of the starters. Dakota Hudson has been like dumpster diving remnants. Alex Reyes has been a tire fire out of the bullpen so far. And, after getting sent back down to Memphis and sucking there, too, on April 28, he broke his left pinkie in a pique of anger.

Sign Keuchel.

If not, watch ticket sales plunge as the Birds finish out of the playoff running again.

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Das Sport Optimator said...

Dude! Couldn't agree more about Yelich, and the rest of your points are pretty valid, too.