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January 28, 2019

Covington Catholic stupidity watch:
Rod Dreher vs Andrew Sullivan

I saw Sully's piece pop up on Memeorandum. I then saw a screengrab via a Twitter friend of Dreher's nuttery. Of course, Sully is NOT the "Intelligencer," and Dreher's mag/site is really The American Con.

Shorter Sully? Blame the Yahweh ben Yahweh type black Israelites for starting the whole thing. Triple down on that. Then blame Nathan Phillips et al for not understanding Sandmann et al attempting to calm down the black Garner Ted Armstrongs.

Double down on that.

Ignore Sandmann's smirk. Downplay how much the arm motions of the other Covington brats were tomahawk chops. Ignore than Sandmann's rich parents hired a PR firm for a fake apology.

And, then claim it's all anti-Catholic bias driving this, with a dollop of whataboutism at the end.

It would be hard to top that.

Until you start with the header on Dreher's piece: "Of Pogroms and Political Theology."

Of course, there's no pogroms involved. This is an insult to Jews that Dreher, as a non-antisemitic "Crunchy Con," still claims to like. He then commits the rest of the Sully type moves, only trying to frame it in a Richard John Neuhaus stance shifted two Overton Windows Right.

Drecker then puts a bow on it by linking to Sully's piece.

I'm surprised that Drecker didn't claim Phillips was gay.


Meanwhile, out in the streets, a guy named Ryan Moore admits that he wears a MAGA hat to troll people, all while claiming white males are the most persecuted or discriminated against section of America.


Update, Feb. 3: Lawyers for Sandmann are sending clearly intimidatory letters to major media, and supposedly to celebrities and others. The idea that, if libel cases went to trial, they'd all "of course" be tried in Kentucky is part of the mask-slipping. Interestingly, the Cincinnati Enquirer, reporting the story above, is not named as a recipient of one of the letters, though it uses the word "smirk" itself to describe Sandmann (tho not by name, it's clear the reference) in this news analysis piece.

I also find it interesting that mega-torts lawyer Lin Wood complains about mobs rushing to judgment, albeit without mentioning social media by name — and does so by making his own apparent mob appeal on Twitter.

Finally, Lin Wood does NOT come cheap. Even if Sandmann's parents had the money for a PR firm for his so-called apology, is there outside money coming in? This initial PR piece by their local mouthpiece, Todd McMurtry, only raises eyebrows. They specifically say "no media statements." Instead, they're turning to Twitter. And making media statements with the retention letters comments. In addition, Lin's law firm set up an email account with a specific "supportnick" prefix. It asks for information, but I suspect probably wouldn't have a problem with legal fees, either.

Doubly finally, a sitting member of Congress, Ilhan Omar is on that list. Especially given Supreme Court ruling in the case of William Jefferson, I'm sure she is protected by the speech or debate clause.


Update, Feb. 19: Sandmann's flacks are suing the Bezos Post for $250 million. Which they will not win, I'm sure.

And, here's American Indian reporting truth about what went down.

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