April 11, 2018

TX Progressives want Havana Ted's DNA!

The Texas Progressive Alliance is neither the subject nor the target of an investigation, but it is bringing you this week's roundup, while wondering if Ted Cruz can prove he’s human.

Off the Kuff noted that Texas lost another federal lawsuit about voting rights.

Brains and Eggs took a look at the latest events in the Houston-area CD-7 runoff

Socratic Gadfly, seeing the latest anti-Palestinian violence by Israelis, looks at myth vs reality in a major piece of Jewish history.

Stace writes about Tex-Mex music Grammy winners Los Texmaniacs' new album, Cruzando Borders, which will touch on border and Mexican American themes. It's quite timely during this era of Trumpismo.

After more than a generation of one-party dominance, it’s tough for any Texas Democrat to predict what a winning statewide campaign would actually look like. But if Texas Leftist had to take guess, it would come pretty close to the Beto O’Rourke campaign thus far.

And speaking of winning, TL notes more great news for Texas’ classical music community as the Houston Chamber Choir receives a very prestigious National honor.

Neil at All People Have Value attended, as he does each week, the John Cornyn Houston Office Protest.  
And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

At the Dallas Observer, Stephen Young reports on how Plano City Councilman Tom Harrison faces a recall drive over numerous anti-Muslim comments.

Stan Spinner, Lindy McGee, and Julie Boom urge Texans to not politicize vaccinations.

Better Texas Blog explains why a property-tax-for-sales-tax swap is a bad idea.

The Houston Press ties gun ownership and gun violence – including suicide — to older white males and their psychological issues.

Also at the Dallas Observer, Jim Schutze notes politics and charity make strange bedfellows, with Dallas ISD trustee Bernadette Nutall taking Koch Bros.-laundered money.

Elise Hu remembers her first mentor and his warning about Sinclair Broadcasting.

Deborah Beck urges elected leaders to have in-person meetings with constituents.

Therese Odell grapples with the politics of Roseanne.

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